Should all polluting activities be banned

The smoking is injurious to health slogans in moves or public places can't change with bane of smoking, so every one realised with causes of smoking.

Should Smoking be Banned Completely?

But no body bother about it. This also can cause heart and lung diseases in future so yes I think that smoking must be banned completely. So until you find some alternative to this it would be harmful to economy and industry.

That he will not try to do such things. Oct 2, Let me start with an example of ITC limited. Aug 22, First, smoking should be banned completely in public places according to the constitutional right to live section with a wide range of taxes.

Should Smoking be Banned Completely?

But it will not make any difference until the people who smokes should quit it. It leads to so many problems in teeth, cough, etc.

Gradual increase in parking charges and monitoring city centre car park development. In India all of us know that instantly ban leads to strikes also.

I think that if schools started to enforce these rules kids would have less time to do what they wanted and have much more stress everyday.

It is a risk to human life…The air show is not just a display of the vulgarity of speed, it is a pornographic illustration of the grim utility of modern weapons of war. Mar 12, Answer me this simple, what is the benefit of smoking really?

Zones where highly polluting vehicles would be banned 'almost inevitable' in Cardiff

I don't want to get ecological, but the flowers in my back yard, the leaves on my trees, and the two puny bunches of grapes on my vine are now coated with the sticky residue of burnt jet fuel.

Jun 17, Yes, the smoking should be banned, because we find it as a nuisance in the pavements when we walk when that particular person smokes it causes the environment around him as nasty. Sep 10, First of all, as you all know smoking is injurious to health, It may lead to lung cancer and many other diseases.

Jul 20, According to me, smoking should not be completely banned in India. On Friday too, the air quality remained 'severe' and though the pollution level dipped marginally for a brief period on Saturday morning, it turned severe again by evening.

Banning is not correct step, we have to divert their mindset. We should first create awareness among the people then the hush created can be avoided.

I know it's very difficult but we have to do this social work for saving our nation. Sep 10, First of all, as you all know smoking is injurious to health, It may lead to lung cancer and many other diseases. Smoking in the society also motivates to the younger generation who are unaware of its repercussions.

I think those who are less than 18 and unaware about the consequences of smoking, should not be allowed to smoke. Jun 19, Yes. Fiorito also noted that they pollute: Then no1 can save him. Jul 9, Yes, it should be banned completely.

Jul 9, According to my opinion, smoking should be banned completely in India as we all know about the side effects of smoking, it is not only causing harm to the smoker but the person standing next to the smoker is also getting harmed from this, see already we are breathing a whole lot of polluted air in our lungs and smoking makes it worst, lung capacity will be reduced due to smoking, it can lead to cancer but nowadays in youth generation it has become a status of swag.

The ban on cigarettes may lead to black marketing of the product as there are millions of smokers throughout the world and the habit of smoking cannot be changed rapidly.

In India all of us know that instantly ban leads to strikes also. Middle and High schoolers have so much going on in their lives, most do not have time for extracurricular activities. The argument for its continuation according to me comes as totally baseless.

First we have to ban films, advertisements that focus on consumption of tobacco. Being more parents took a smoke inside the house, it seeing children can try make a smoke stylishely. If you will ban it.Accepting the recommendations, the Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority extended the ban, which it had earlier imposed on construction activities and industries using coal and biomass till Saturday and that on entry of heavy vehicles till Sunday.

12 days ago · Zones where highly polluting vehicles would be banned 'almost inevitable' in Cardiff. The council will also consider a 'workplace parking levy' - which would charge employers offering parking in.

Nov 21,  · It announced plans to ban tens of thousands of cars from city streets — the even-numbered license plates on Monday, the odds on Tuesday. Hybrids. Keep all students indoors and keep activity levels light. Cancel the event.

Ban on construction activities, entry of heavy vehicles in Delhi extended till Monday

Or move the event to an area with “Good” air quality — if this can be done without much Light Activities: Playing board games, throwing and catching while standing, and cup stacking.

Moderate Activities: Yoga, shooting basketballs, dance instruction, and ping pong. Should all automobiles be banned for reducing pollution?

Automobiles have been used for transportation since the early ’s. Pollution is a huge global problem and automobiles contribute to the rising levels of pollution (Saty, ). In my opinion, all automobiles should not be banned for reducing pollution. A task force led by a CPCB official on Thursday recommended a ban on industrial and construction activities in major pollution “hotspots” here if the air quality turns severe and stricter implementation of actions already in force.

Should all polluting activities be banned
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